Proximate Composition and Functional Properties of Some Defatted Calabash Seeds


Cake, Calabash, Proximate, Functional properties


The ever-increasing cost of animal protein coupled with poor standard living in terms of per capital income in developing nation has necessitated the search for alternative sources of dietary protein. Two local varieties of calabash seeds were extracted using soxhlet method and n-hexane as refluxing solvent. The defatted cakes were subjected to Isoelectric precipitation to obtain protein concentrate which was characterized by analysing their moisture, ash, crude protein, crude fibre, available carbohydrate, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, Foam capacity and stability and Bulk density. The results of the analysis revealed high amount of protein (69-70%) and also high water and Oil absorption capacities (84.6-134.1%) and (87.2-129.8%) respectively.



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